Vermont real estate photographer Kate Carter has been photographing homes for Realtors, home builders, interior designers, and rental agencies for over a decade. Her extensive photography career began during the film era. She made the transition to digital photography in 1996 and converted her darkroom to a potting shed (she likes gardening, too).

Kate strives to bring out every home's best features, shooting from unusual angles, using natural and supplemental lighting, and choosing the best time of day. She employees the "luminosity" technique (often called HDR, high dynamic range) when appropriate. Turn-around time is usually 24-48 hours and she provides one folder of high resolution images for print, and a second folder of images sized to MLS and Brokerwolf requirements. Images are usually transferred by Dropbox, although she will use whatever method works best for the client.

"I enjoy walking into a house I've never seen before, assessing its qualities, and determining the best way to represent it in two-dimensional photos," Kate says.

Kate lives in Waterbury Center, Vermont, and is willing to travel for assignments. Her rates are $35/hour. She can give you an estimate based on square footage of a home and any exterior needs.

For more information and to schedule a photo shoot, email Kate Carter or call 802-760-8185.